Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Kingdom- Animalia
Bald Eagle - The Final Frontier
Bald Eagle - The Final Frontier


The Bald Eagle, known to be a symbol of the United States, is the second largest bird in North America. In contrary to the eagles name it is actually fully feathered. This eagle has very contrasting features. The body and wings are both a very dark brown while the head and tail is white. The feet, beak, and eyes are then yellow. The female is actually larger than the male however they still look very similar in appearance with very broad wings and a rounded tail.

The Bald eagle is found in North America, mostly in Canada and the Unites States. They can be found in Mexico and even occasionally in some countries in South America. Many of these birds are residential and do not migrate much. However, some living in Canada do migrate south for the winter. The Bald Eagle is normally found in forests that are close to a body of water. They also prefer to be farther away from humans to limit disturbances.

Bald Eagle - The Final Frontier
Bald Eagle - The Final Frontier
One of the major threats that caused the population to decrease was intense hunting by humans. Habitat loss, pollution and DDT poisoning are also big factors. The DDT led to reproductive failure causing the population to stop growing. The development of the world has cut into the eagles nesting places. Forests are being eliminated which gives them less places to live. Bald Eagles have also died due to collisions with vehicles.

To protect the Bald Eagle species they were placed under the Bald Eagle Protection Act in 1940. They were then put under the Endangered Species Act of 1973. International trade of the species is also being carefully watched. However, in 2007 the eagle was considered to no longer need protection from the Endangered Species Act. The Bald eagle is still watched though and receives protection from the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.