Adriatic Salmon
Salmo obtusirostris
Jordan Lawlor
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Kingdom - AnimaliaPhylum - ChordataClade - ActinopterygiiOrder - SalmoniformesFamily - SalmonidaeGenus - SalmoSpecies - S. obtusirostris
The Adriatic salmon is a freshwater fish that spends its entire life in rivers and no time in the ocean. Its body is a yellowish-brown color with many red and black spots. The fish can grow to a maximum of 70 centimeters long with an elongated snout. Along their bodies, they usually have from 100 to 120 scales. Since they live in rivers, they primarily eat small fish and insects. Some other names for the Adriatic salmon are the Adriatic trout and softmouth trout.

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Adriatic salmon are endemic the Western Balkans in southeastern Europe. They can be found in Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Specifically, they live in the Krka, Jadro, Neretva, Vrljika, and Zeta river basins.

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The fish was officially considered an endangered species in 1996. As of today, the species is still endangered and the population count is still decreasing.

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The S. obtusirostris faces threats from hybridization from species being introduced into its natural habitat and overfishing. The Adriatic salmon shares about the same habitat as the brown trout and their spawning times overlap every few years causing hybridization to occur. They are constantly being overfished, not only for food, but for sport because they are popular game fish. Sometimes, species of trout that can be dangerous predators to the salmon escape from fish farms and become aggressive predators that decrease the population of the salmon. Additionally, because they only live in freshwater, the climate change with the rise in temperature is expected to decrease the amount of freshwater in the Mediterranean basin region. Along with the salmon’s habitat being limited, it is also be destroyed by dams being built for hydroelectric power, which limits the movement of the salmon going up and down the rivers looking for food.

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Population Conservation
Presently, there are no organizations specifically designed to help grow the population of Adriatic salmon. Indirect techniques are being used instead, such as avoiding the destruction of rivers, pollution control to limit the severity of climate change, and limiting the number of “fish escapees” into the freshwater rivers.

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