Aloe dorotheae - Aloe

Kingdom: Plantae

Phylum: Tracheophyta

Class: Liliopsida

Order: Liliales

Family: Aloaceae

Genus: Aloe

Species: Aloe dorotheae

Aloe dorotheae


tanzania 2.png
Map of Africa showing Tanzania

tanzania 1.png
Yellow shows specific location of Aloe dorotheae in Tanzania

Number remaining: Research is still being conducted on Aloe dorotheae and therefore an exact number of plants remaining is not yet confirmed.

Reasons for becoming endangered:

Aloe dorotheae is endangered because it grows in a singular area in the United Republic of Tanzania, Africa. Moreover, the aloe that is growing is depleted by the humans that live in the same region. For centuries, aloe has been used as a natural medicine, so it is common for it to be picked freely as needed. A soothing gel can be found in the center of the leaf which is used to treat minor burns and cuts. The juice of the aloe is also thought to be healthy when consumed. Therefore, aloe dorotheae has medicinal benefits that cause it to be in popular demand by humans, causing the species to be critically endangered as it already only exists in a limited zone.


Currently, nothing is being done to conserve aloe dorotheae in Tanzania. This is alarming because the aloe has important medicinal capabilities that will be lost if humans continue to diminish the population with no regard to saving the species. A serious problem that contributes to the lack of conservation efforts is that this aloe is not receiving a lot of attention for being endangered yet, and there is not much research available for the general public to access and learn more about the specifics of the endangerment. We propose that the government of Tanzania and reputable botany organizations should partner to publish reputable, current information about the species and create a conservation plan to save and regenerate the population of aloe dorotheae in the region.

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